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Home Improvement Loans: How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

Learn how to turn a home improvement loan into a higher resell value and quality of life for your family Home prices and the economy are growing again and that makes home improvement worth it as every dollar you spend can turn into more than a dollar in value. I love home improvement projects, not […]

5 Best Websites for Cheap Wedding Loans

You don’t have to settle on a budget wedding. Use these websites for wedding loans for your special day. There are few times in life you’ll remember as often as your wedding day. My wife and I had a beautiful wedding but we definitely kept it to a budget wedding. I still regret not spending […]

Setting Financial Priorities and a Budget You Can Keep

Setting financial priorities and creating a budget isn’t good enough. You have to be setting realistic financial goals and a budget you can keep. Budgets are like diets. We all know that we need to follow one and we all try from time to time. Unfortunately, we’re about as successful at our budgeting as we […]

The Everything Guide to Home Buying and the #1 Scam to Avoid

This home buying guide will help you find the perfect home at the best price possible Even after the bursting of the great housing bubble, buying a home is still one of most American’s biggest financial goals. Owning your own home not only makes for a solid investment but also a pride of ownership you […]

Achieve Financial Freedom With These 4 Easy Steps

Reaching financial freedom can be as easy as a little planning and can improve your quality of life Sometimes when we think about saving money and financial freedom, we think about getting good deals on what we buy and making wise investments. However, saving money and building wealth isn’t just about the bargains we can […]

What to Choose for Foreign Use: Visa or MasterCard?

Today almost every person in the world prefers plastic to cash; according to Euromonitor International research, over $23.1 trillion of consumers paying by credit card were registered worldwide in 2016. Now, the number continues to grow day by day. It is the result of globalization and spreading of the Internet world market. There is almost […]