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How to Date When You’re Broke

Being broke doesn’t have to mean being single. Check out these broke dating ideas to find love without losing your financial well-being Reading through some of the scholarship essays we’ve been posting reminds me of what it was like to be young and broke. Ah, all those ramen noodles. I’ve always been kind of thrifty […]

Magic Money Saving Tricks and Ideas

Get good at saving money and it can seem like magic to your budget I’ve heard all kinds of money saving tricks, some worth pennies and others that can save thousands a month. Like learning how to be a good magician, it can take a little time to learn some of these money saving ideas […]

Living within your means: Loan Officer Reveals the Secret

An ex-loan officer shares what you need to get a loan and an amazing insight into living within your means. Today’s PeerStory is from Grant Harrison, a friend of mine here in Colombia and an ex-loan officer. Grant had a backstage view during one of the toughest times in American credit and saw one very […]

Why Debt Free isn’t Your Best Financial Option

Being debt free isn’t necessarily the best thing you can do. Learn how to use debt as a financial tool and be better off. A lot of the personal finance blogs on the net revolve around paying off debt and living a debt free life. I’ve seen debt, especially from payday loans and high interest […]

4 Money Lessons to Avoid Losing $100 Million

These four money lessons are true for everyone from millionaires to those just dreaming about the millionaire-lifestyle NBA All-Star Antoine Walker recently appeared on CNBC to talk about how he lost over $100 million and the money lessons he learned. The interview was fairly short but brought out a few money rules that everyone can […]

5 Budget Tricks You Won’t Believe Actually Work

Spending is too easy and budgeting is no fun! Use these five budget tricks to save more money. Budgeting is like New Year’s Resolutions – we all know we need to make changes and follow a plan but how long do those plans usually last? For many people, saving and keeping a budget is so […]