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The Latest in Warrior Trading Reviews

Day traders do not have much in common with Warren Buffett. The king of buy and hold is a big believer in buying quality and holding on to it for a long time. Day traders like to make their money quickly. But Warren has some good advice for the average investor that can apply to […]

Select Home Warranty: A Complete Overview

Select Home Warranty is a company that offers home warranty contracts to home owners. A home warranty contract can significantly reduce the overall cost of home repairs or appliance replacements for a contracted monthly rate. Select Home Warranty simplifies the process of trying to build a plan for home owners by offering three plan structures […]

Different Types of Investing for Different Personalities

People sometimes speak of bad investment strategies. But it is among all things possible that there may not be any such thing as a bad investment strategy. It may just come down to the wrong investment strategy for a certain kind of investor. We know for a fact that pretty much every kind of investment […]

Filing for Bankruptcy: Types and Alternatives

If you are in financial trouble due to large unpaid medical bills, significant debts that you can’t repay or you are faced with a foreclosure, then filing for bankruptcy might be the right step to make in order to start anew. You should, however, keep in mind that this is not a simple process or […]

How to Ask A Family Member for a Loan

Borrowing money to start a new business, pay off delinquent bills, or any other reason should be taken very seriously. This is a financial transaction that should be held on a more formal level than your normal family dealings. Asking family to help support your funding needs can have its advantages over lending institutions, but […]

6 Smart Things To Do with Your Tax Return

If you are in good standing with the IRS, then you are anticipating the most wonderful time of the year: tax season.  All of that hard work paid off—you tightened your belt, went without, and did well all year.  It will soon be the time of year when the IRS sends out notices of deficiencies, […]