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How I Made $10,000 on P2P Investing, and How to Make More

An interview with Jeff Clements about p2p investing shows you the criteria to make stable and strong returns in p2p loans. I’ve been investing in p2p loans for years and am always surprised that more investors are not in the new asset class. In this article, I talk with a long-time p2p investor about his […]

7 Ways to Use Peer to Peer Personal Loans for Any Reason

Peer to peer personal loans can be used for any reason but here are a few of the most common Debt and peer to peer personal loans get a bad name around the financial blogging community but they are really just financial tools. Use them incorrectly and you can smash things up pretty bad. Use […]

Is this the End of Bank Lending?

Bank Lending has only just started to rebound after the financial crisis and new regulation could put it back down for the count. Can alternative financing pick up the slack and support the economy as bank lending dries up? I recently derided the banks in a recent blog post on peer lending risks for not […]

Teaching Kids Money Matters and Personal Finance

Schools don’t teach personal finance so it’s all up to parents to teach their kids about money matters Even the most basic personal finance matters have all but been removed from school curriculum. Schools don’t know how to test personal finance so they don’t teach it. It makes teaching money matters so important in the […]

Turn Budgeting from Necessity into Smarter Spending Habits

Keep a budget long enough and you’ll build the spending habits that will make saving come naturally Budgeting is tough for a lot of people. They keep to their budget for all of a month or two and give up before they’ve developed the spending habits that make saving easier. Sometimes budgeting comes out of […]

Changing the World with Peer Lending and Flip Flops

How peer lending is changing the world for small business loans as banks drop the ball Today’s post is an interview with Matthew “Griff” Griffin, a former Army Ranger and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. If hero wasn’t enough, Griff is also a business owner of one of the coolest ideas I’ve heard about in […]