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How to Be an Effective Landlord in Real Estate Investing

Whether you are jumping into the business of being a landlord, or you are looking to sharpen your skills, there is always something new to learn.  Taking on the responsibilities of a landlord is no easy task.  You will have invested likely thousands into renovating your passive income real estate investment to attract tenants.  In […]

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Group

Start your own real estate investment group to benefit from investor expertise and save money investing Few investments have created as much legacy wealth as real estate but few investors have the experience to know how to find the best properties. A real estate investment group can help bridge the gap for individual investors and […]

The Real Estate Passive Income Myth (part 2)

The real estate passive income myth pulls many unsuspecting investors into direct investing when there is a more passive real estate opportunity. We covered the potential for passive income from real estate rentals in our prior post in the series and found that, like many of the passive income strategies, direct real estate investing takes […]

3 Simple Steps to Timing the Stock Market

Following Graham’s three rules to an expensive stock market can help you avoid high investment fees and bad stock market timing Is there anything more frustrating than trying to tell if the stock market is expensive or cheap? Turn on CNBC or click to any investing website and you’ll hear a hundred different opinions every […]

How to Profit from Brexit and Rock-Bottom Rates

Understanding what Brexit means to your personal finances will help keep you on track to your goals So the big story this week is Brexit and how it’s causing stocks around the world to tumble. I provided a detailed explanation of the Brexit in a post on our sister blog, My Stock Market Basics, last […]

How to Retire Early and Why it Won’t Matter

Early retirement might not mean what you think. Follow these steps to retire early and find your financial freedom Six months after taking my first job as a corporate accountant, all I could think about was how to retire early and ditch the 9-to-5 rat race. It’s that way for a lot of people, strategies […]