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How to Profit from Brexit and Rock-Bottom Rates

Understanding what Brexit means to your personal finances will help keep you on track to your goals So the big story this week is Brexit and how it’s causing stocks around the world to tumble. I provided a detailed explanation of the Brexit in a post on our sister blog, My Stock Market Basics, last […]

How to Retire Early and Why it Won’t Matter

Early retirement might not mean what you think. Follow these steps to retire early and find your financial freedom Six months after taking my first job as a corporate accountant, all I could think about was how to retire early and ditch the 9-to-5 rat race. It’s that way for a lot of people, strategies […]

Will you be Ready for Retirement (infographic)

Being ready for retirement means staying on track with your savings I love the Ready for Retirement infographic below from Money Crashers. The graphic shows how much you should have in your retirement accounts at certain ages to be on track for $800,000 in savings when you reach 65, assuming an 8% annual return. The […]

Crazy Retirement Myths that Could Cost You

Planning your financial future is the last place you want to use bad rules of thumb. These crazy retirement myths could end up costing you big time. There’s so much uncertainty around planning your financial future that it’s natural people would cling to retirement myths and rules of thumb guesstimates. Between not really being able […]

Can You Trust Your Financial Advisor?

A new study questions whether you can trust financial advisors but change isn’t likely to come around soon We had a huge discussion within a financial bloggers group on Facebook last week about changes in the financial advisor industry and whether you can trust advisors. An article in Bloomberg about misconduct by advisors caught me […]

My Favorite Dividend Stocks in One Fund

Check out these dividend stocks for great long-term return and constant cash in your pocket There are few investing ideas more popular than dividend investing and for good reason. Dividend investing is one of the few stock market themes that can provide constant cash flow into your account and a positive return even when the […]