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My Journey Overcoming Credit Card Debt [Advice that Works]

One readers shares his credit card debt story and great tips on how you can ditch your debt for life For better or worse, events in our life shape our future selves. For me, a defining moment happened back in 2001. That spring, I graduated college. I was moving back to my hometown to start […]

Retiring abroad, is it worth it?

It’s been three years since my wife and I moved back to Colombia with our son. We had met in Medellin while I was doing business consulting around the free trade deal with the United States. We moved back to Iowa in 2008 for a job as an economist but always knew we would be […]

2016 PeerFinance101 Scholarship Winner!

We got more than 60 essays in for our 2016 Personal Finance scholarship with 35 making the cut to be published on the blog. It was a great two months of really inspiring messages about how you learned about money and some great financial habits! It wasn’t easy choosing the best essay. There were so […]

Using a Personal Finance Education to Help Others

Learning about personal finances and getting a financial education is only part of our lives. Learn to share what you learn with the community. We’ve talked a lot about getting a financial education and how to lead a financially healthy life in these scholarship essays but there’s one last goal to keep in mind. Just […]

4 Steps to Manage Your Own Money

Managing your own money when you’re finally out on your own can be intimidating. Follow these four steps to control your money. Even after all the personal finance lessons we get from our parents, managing your own money can be extremely difficult…and scary. Spending all your money too fast doesn’t mean you can’t buy more […]

Turning a Job into a Personal Finance Education

Parents can’t always teach their kids the best money lessons. Find a job or other resource that will provide your personal finance education. Parents aren’t always the best role models for a personal finance education. Even the most frugal and financially responsible back-track every once in a while. It’s important for kids to have other […]