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How Goldfish Can Teach Kids about Money

One of the most interesting ways to teach kids about money involves the snack that smiles back Kids have a hard time learning the value of saving and how to earn money but they always love a good game. Teaching your kids about money may come down to turning something as simple as a jar […]

Simple Money Lessons My Dad Taught Me

One student shares how her dad taught her about saving, budgeting, making money and investing Personal finance is a huge subject and not just the basic budgeting and saving concepts many try passing on to their kids. Make sure you’re teaching your kids everything you can about personal finance, making money and investing to get […]

Teaching Kids Saving and How to Invest

Use this saving game to teach your kids the power of saving and how to invest their money Kids learn personal finance by doing but get bored too quickly with the usual methods of balancing a checkbook or running a budget. Making personal finance a game they can play and win helps to keep the […]

How Entrepreneurship Can Jumpstart Financial Responsibility

Helping your kids start their own business can teach them the value of money and good financial habits We talk a lot about budgeting, saving and other personal finance concepts here but there’s one financial tool that can teach kids all of these things in one. Building a business means kids will need to budget […]

Using a Money Journal to Teach Kids Personal Finance

Show your kids how to use a money journal to teach them budgeting and saving Where does your money go? Most adults couldn’t answer this question, let alone their kids. Teaching your kids how to use a money journal to track their income and expenses is the first step in making them more responsible with […]

Teaching Kids the Value of Money with a Paycheck

Putting your kids on some kind of a paycheck system can help teach them the value of money Kids have a hard time learning the value of money because they usually get everything they want just handed to them. Even allowances tend to be for menial chores that don’t take much to earn. Putting together […]