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Five Creative Ways to Get Cash When You Need It

In the new economy of 2016, people are learning that they no longer need to be limited to just one stream of income. With all the unique and creative ways to earn money available, it is now possible to earn a few extra hundred dollars each month by thinking outside the box.

Below we’ve listed a few of the most legitimate and creative ways to make extra money today, however, it would still be unlikely that you could earn a full-time income from these methods by themselves. With some help from us and a bit of initiative, you can begin saving the type of money you’ve always wanted.

  1. Take advantage of your smart phone

Today, there are many apps emerging that allow everyday people to make money by trying them out and testing their usefulness. Startups are offering to pay users of these apps to test simple functions that involve you doing things like taking photos, listening to music, social networking and other tasks that don’t take up too much of your day. Some hot apps that are currently offering these opportunities include “Wereward” and “Checkpoints”.

  1. Try out to sell your service

This new website matches people who offer random services that include personal assistance, taking care of pets, tutoring and lessons with those that are willing to pay. A good place to brainstorm would be the website itself that provides a list of some great ideas people have used to begin making extra cash. Whether you like babysitting or mowing lawns, Zaarly could help you get in those extra hours with ease.

  1. Teaching English or another foreign language

The internet has expanded on opportunities that allow us to bring our skills to a wider and more easily accessible audience. English speakers are in high demand around the world and today an American can make hundreds of dollars each week teaching the language to someone in China from the comfort of their own home. Consider joining the many who are becoming freelance language teachers through a new site called “”. Consider the website a classroom where students and teachers can meet with ease. The barriers to entry are incredible low and allow anyone with the will to make up to 25$ an hour.

  1. Get a quick loan

There are many lenders and online websites where you can get quick loans online. Many of these companies can provide an answer for you within minutes usually and the personal loans can be anyone from $100 to as much as $5,000 but most loans are under $1,000.  Lenders can offer these smaller quick loans due to their risk factor being smaller.

  1. Ads on android lock screen

Lately, there has been success in using an app called “Locket” which allows people to make money from simply unlocking their phone. The app will place different ads onto your phone’s lock screen which will be visible when you initially turn it on or see the unlocked screen. All it takes is swiping right to receive your share of cash. While the profits are low, earning no more than a dollar or two a day, it does take near zero effort to make and could add up over time.

  1. Consider renting out your car short term

By using new-aged websites like the one called that now allows people to rent out their cars by the hour. The service provides a platform through which people can both rent out and borrow cars to and from others. Word has it that those who live in urban areas can make up to 300 dollars a week, renting their car for 10 dollars an hour.

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