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The Money Lessons that Made Me Grow Up

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How Do Parents Teach about Money When They Weren’t Taught

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Home Improvement Loans: How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

Learn how to turn a home improvement loan into a higher resell value and quality of life for your family Home prices and the economy are growing again and that makes home improvement worth it as every dollar you spend can turn into more than a dollar in value. I love home improvement projects, not […]

How to Be Proactive with Your Personal Finances

One reader shares how she learned to be proactive with her personal finance needs We talk a lot about saving and stretching a paycheck on the blog but hard work and being proactive can make the need to penny-pinch a thing of the past. Today’s scholarship essay is by Ivetka O’Malley, a student at Maricopa […]

Necessity and the Mother of Personal Finance

One reader shares how a her single-mother taught her about bills, coupons and good credit habits Sometimes it’s the most difficult events in our lives that force us to learn the best personal finance … [Read More...]

Lendio Review: Instantly Compare Small Business Loans

Lendio makes it easy to get matched with up to 75 business funding lenders and find the best business loan for your needs Business lending hasn’t yet evolved as far as personal loans and mortgages. … [Read More...]

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