Simple Money Lessons My Dad Taught Me

One student shares how her dad taught her about saving, budgeting, making money and investing Personal finance is a huge subject and not just the basic budgeting and saving concepts many try passing … [Read More...]

How I’m Making $7500 a Month Blogging from Home

Check out July blogging income and these four simple steps to make money blogging from home This is my seventh blogging income report and I’m still amazed at how quickly the blogs have become … [Read More...]

Teaching Kids Saving and How to Invest

Use this saving game to teach your kids the power of saving and how to invest their money Kids learn personal finance by doing but get bored too quickly with the usual methods of balancing a checkbook or running a budget. Making personal finance a game they can play and win helps to keep the […]

How Entrepreneurship Can Jumpstart Financial Responsibility

Helping your kids start their own business can teach them the value of money and good financial habits We talk a lot about budgeting, saving and other personal finance concepts here but there’s one financial tool that can teach kids all of these things in one. Building a business means kids will need to budget […]

Using a Money Journal to Teach Kids Personal Finance

Show your kids how to use a money journal to teach them budgeting and saving Where does your money go? Most adults couldn’t answer this question, let alone their kids. Teaching your kids how to use a money journal to track their income and expenses is the first step in making them more responsible with […]

Teaching Kids the Value of Money with a Paycheck

Putting your kids on some kind of a paycheck system can help teach them the value of money Kids have a hard time learning the value of money because they usually get everything they want just handed … [Read More...]

Is this the End of Bank Lending?

Bank Lending has only just started to rebound after the financial crisis and new regulation could put it back down for the count. Can alternative financing pick up the slack and support the economy … [Read More...]

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Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility and the Power of Saving

Financial responsibility can be a tough lesson to learn. Teach it early or your kids may never learn good money habits. Taking financial responsibility for our actions and practicing good money habits is something may people never learn. It’s tough changing the spending habits we’ve learned over decades which makes teaching your kids early one […]

3 Simple Money Steps My Parents Taught Me

Good financial habits and financial health can be as simple as thinking before you spend, avoiding waste and using every resource. These scholarship essays have been great for seeing how simple it can be to teach your kids good financial habits. Most of the best money advice can often be summed up in a few […]

Making Sacrifices for Personal Finance Success

Teaching kids good personal finance habits sometimes means making sacrifices yourself Everything you hear on TV is to go after your financial happiness with the job you want. That’s not always possible while supporting a family but your sacrifices can go a long way to teaching your kids about personal finance. Today’s essay is by […]

Learning a Tough Lesson in Personal Finance

One person shares how a tough lesson in personal finance has taught him to look before he leaps We love hearing about personal finance success stories but the hard lessons learned through bad experiences can be just as good at teaching us how to handle money. The best of these are when we can recover […]

Teaching Kids Basic Personal Finance Concepts

Involve your kids in learning basic personal finance concepts and teach them saving through budgets Since schools no longer teach basic personal finance concepts, a lot of parents feel it is their job alone to teach money matters. Don’t forget to let your kids learn with you by involving them when you learn about your […]

Invest in Your Child’s Future by Teaching Saving

Teaching children to save and how to create a budget is one of the most important financial lessons Children hear about the importance of saving continuously but fewer are the lessons on how to create a budget that helps them save money. Teaching your kids budgeting and saving from an early age will help them […]

Looking at the Big Picture in Personal Finance

Prioritizing your financial life can be just as important has having big dreams We talk a lot about discovering our financial goals but not as much about looking at the bigger picture and prioritizing our financial lives. Teaching your kids about what comes first with finances can be just as important as how to get […]