Money Lessons I Learned in the Marine Corps

These money lessons I learned in the military have shaped my life and helped find financial freedom
It’s been 15 years since I got out of the Marine Corps and I still look back and remember some … [Read More…]

Understanding Bad Credit and Fixing your Credit Score

Understanding the credit score factors in bad credit and fixing your credit score before a loan can get you a better rate and save money
We’ve all been there, either bad credit or no credit at all. … [Read More…]

How to Stay on Top of Your Budget

Getting your personal finances together can be a challenge. If you are not the type of person that is able to easily save then you might need a bit of assistance. Luckily, there are many amazing professionals out there that live to help in this regard. Hiruy Amanuel, co-founder of venture capital firm A.J. Ventures, […]

16 Easy Money Tax Tips for Year-Round Savings

Tax tips only seem popular for one month a year but year-round tax planning can save you thousands! Blog posts on taxes, people couldn’t care less for 334 days of the year. That one month or so every year and tax tips become some of the most searched posts on personal finance. But are you […]

What is Leverage and How Can It Effect My Trades?

The forex markets can be seen as the most daunting to invest in. For the inexperienced and the uninitiated, coming to grips with the complex concepts and specialist jargon that populate investment rhetoric can sometimes feel like as much of a challenge as actually trading, and that’s why it’s so important to read up and […]

Purchasing an Item Online? Here Are Some Tips to Save You Money

Online shopping is fun. Think about the world of options open to you in just a single click of your mouse or a tap on your phone’s screen. You can navigate from one page to another (such a relief from … [Read More…]

5 Things to Know before Investing in Binary Options

There will be a point in your life when you would like to see your bank account brimming with your hard-earned money. It is nice to imagine all the good things that you can purchase and the places … [Read More…]

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It’s been three years since my wife and I moved back to Colombia with our son. We had met in Medellin while I was doing business consulting around the free trade deal with the United States. We moved back to Iowa in 2008 for a job as an economist but always knew we would be […]

Investing in the Stock Market: A Smarter Way with Motif Investing

This Motif Investing review can help you find the best investing themes and save money on fees I posted earlier in the week something that rubbed a lot of my stock market analyst colleagues the wrong way. I argued that since most people are absolutely horrible at investing in the stock market, they should probably […]

2016 PeerFinance101 Scholarship Winner!

We got more than 60 essays in for our 2016 Personal Finance scholarship with 35 making the cut to be published on the blog. It was a great two months of really inspiring messages about how you learned about money and some great financial habits! It wasn’t easy choosing the best essay. There were so […]

Using a Personal Finance Education to Help Others

Learning about personal finances and getting a financial education is only part of our lives. Learn to share what you learn with the community. We’ve talked a lot about getting a financial education and how to lead a financially healthy life in these scholarship essays but there’s one last goal to keep in mind. Just […]

4 Steps to Manage Your Own Money

Managing your own money when you’re finally out on your own can be intimidating. Follow these four steps to control your money. Even after all the personal finance lessons we get from our parents, managing your own money can be extremely difficult…and scary. Spending all your money too fast doesn’t mean you can’t buy more […]

Turning a Job into a Personal Finance Education

Parents can’t always teach their kids the best money lessons. Find a job or other resource that will provide your personal finance education. Parents aren’t always the best role models for a personal finance education. Even the most frugal and financially responsible back-track every once in a while. It’s important for kids to have other […]

7 Ways to Use Peer to Peer Personal Loans for Any Reason

Peer to peer personal loans can be used for any reason but here are a few of the most common Debt and peer to peer personal loans get a bad name around the financial blogging community but they are really just financial tools. Use them incorrectly and you can smash things up pretty bad. Use […]