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Easy Budget Strategies to Fix 3 Financial Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

Keeping a budget isn’t just about controlling your spending but can also help you fix three of the worst financial problems Budget is the four-letter word of the personal finance world. We all know we should be tracking our spending but how many people actually do it? The problem is that budgets are for living […]

5 Budget Tricks You Won’t Believe Actually Work

Spending is too easy and budgeting is no fun! Use these five budget tricks to save more money. Budgeting is like New Year’s Resolutions – we all know we need to make changes and follow a plan but how long do those plans usually last? For many people, saving and keeping a budget is so […]

20 Money Saving Tips to Save $7,500 a Year

Just a handful of money saving tips can more than double the money you have left each month So you’ve tried to make a budget…a few times, but you still can’t figure out where the money goes at the end of the month! How did I know? How did I know that budgets never work […]

Turn Budgeting from Necessity into Smarter Spending Habits

Keep a budget long enough and you’ll build the spending habits that will make saving come naturally Budgeting is tough for a lot of people. They keep to their budget for all of a month or two and give up before they’ve developed the spending habits that make saving easier. Sometimes budgeting comes out of […]

Living within your means: Loan Officer Reveals the Secret

An ex-loan officer shares what you need to get a loan and an amazing insight into living within your means. Today’s PeerStory is from Grant Harrison, a friend of mine here in Colombia and an ex-loan officer. Grant had a backstage view during one of the toughest times in American credit and saw one very […]

Father’s Day Fun: Best and Worst Financial Advice

Father’s Day offers a day of reflection and thanks for everything our dads taught us, including good and bad financial advice. Our fathers are role models for some of our best financial traits…as well as some of our worst. I thought it would be a fun Father’s Day experiment to reach out to a few […]