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Stop Saving! Don’t save another penny until you’ve read this?

Not knowing what you’re saving for can be just as bad as not saving at all! Have a vision for why you want to save money and find the motivation you need. This post is a PeerStory from reader Doug Pearson out of New York. Doug wrote in after reading about my first money blunder […]

Will you be Ready for Retirement (infographic)

Being ready for retirement means staying on track with your savings I love the Ready for Retirement infographic below from Money Crashers. The graphic shows how much you should have in your retirement accounts at certain ages to be on track for $800,000 in savings when you reach 65, assuming an 8% annual return. The […]

Getting to Your Sandy Beaches: Realistic Retirement Planning

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be something that costs you a Sunday afternoon. Take a few minutes to work through your retirement needs and build a plan that will get you there. Retirement planning is a mystery for a lot of people. Nearly half (39%) of households admit to not having a formal plan. While […]