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20 Money Saving Tips to Save $7,500 a Year

Just a handful of money saving tips can more than double the money you have left each month So you’ve tried to make a budget…a few times, but you still can’t figure out where the money goes at the end of the month! How did I know? How did I know that budgets never work […]

Top 10 Questions on Budgeting and How to Save Money

You asked, they answered! Your top budgeting questions and how to save money answered by the top experts in personal finance. Wherever your financial goals may take you, it all has to start with budgeting and saving money. You can invest like a rockstar but aren’t going to get far if you can’t put enough […]

5 Little Ways the Average Family Can Save Big Money

Saving money starts at home with these five easy ways to save for the average family Shopping is fun! Saving money is hard! These two facts leave most families with little left at the end of the month, making it impossible to invest and plan for retirement. In fact, the Department of Labor reports that […]

Healthy Living is Frugal Living

Don’t overlook the opportunity to live healthy, happy and save a ton of money with these healthy living tips. Nearly all of my articles will save you money. Hey, I’m the Frugal Grandma – that’s what I do. But I’m especially excited about this one because it may just save your life also. A study […]

Can a frugal lifestyle make you happier?

The frugal lifestyle isn’t about skimping and self-denial. It’s about making your life easier and worrying less about money. Follow these tips to begin your journey. The most common question I get about living a frugal lifestyle is, “does it actually make you happier?” People wonder how denying yourself free spending could lead to anything […]

Beat the Paycheck to Paycheck Curse

Are you living paycheck to paycheck and missing out on the opportunity to make your money work for you? Learn to save money without sacrificing! I can’t save money!! When I talk to people about saving money I almost always get the same response, “I can’t save money now. I’m living paycheck to paycheck and […]