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Free Video: What is Peer Lending?

Peer lending is taking off as a new way to borrow or invest online. Check out the free What is Peer Lending video for all your questions I thought I would try out my video-making skills and couldn’t think of a better question to answer than, “What is Peer Lending?” The revolution in online loans […]

Just How Big Could Peer Lending Credit Become?

Interest in peer lending credit has surged with the IPOs of two large marketplace lenders but just how big could the industry get? The successful initial public offers of shares from Lending Club and OnDeck Capital have brought a huge increase in media attention to the peer lending credit space. The two offers raised over […]

Must Read Peer Lending News of the Week

P2P lending is still new as a source for loans but making big headlines and quickly becoming mainstream Peer Lending News is a weekly recap of the biggest headlines and analysis in the peer lending industry. I keep track of all the best posts and news to highlight here on the site every Tuesday. Let […]

Should you Invest in Peer Loans or Lending Club Stock

Investors can now invest indirectly in peer loans through stock in the world’s largest marketplace lender. What are the risks to investing in Lending Club stock and should you buy in? Lending Club (NYSE: LC) issued stock on the New York Stock Exchange last Thursday and raised $865 million on its offer of 57.7 million […]

The Future of Peer Loans with Ron Suber, President of Prosper

Today’s post is the second-part of an interview about the future of peer loans with Ron Suber, President of Prosper Marketplace. Ron joined Prosper in 2013 to develop and execute on the company’s business development strategy. He previously served as a Managing Director at Wells Fargo Securities and as a senior partner at Merlin Securities. […]

Lending Club IPO Jumps and Other Peer News

Below is a summary of some of the best and most important peer lending news I’ve seen over the last week. Each summary below includes a link to the original article or news piece, click through for more information. New Statistics for Lending Club Lending Club released a new statistics page recently for investors. The […]