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Lending Club Review for Best Personal Loans [Customer Review]

Use this Lending Club review to decide if a p2p personal loan is right for you and how to get the best rate available I have been following Lending Club reviews and the p2p loan market for quite a while as an investor but had not yet applied for a p2p loan myself. I’ve talked […]

Lending Club Review: Be a Fat Cat Banker

Peer Lending Investing lets you in on the profession of the super-rich, follow this Lending Club review and learn how to be a Fat Cat Banker I’ve always loved reading about financial history and I’ve always been a little jealous of the famous banking families. From the Rothschild family to the Medici, the owners of […]

Best Peer to Peer Lending Sites Reviewed

This peer lending sites review will help you compare the three largest peer to peer lenders and get the best loan for your needs Editor’s Note: I’ve updated this peer to peer lending sites review with new rate information and a few links on how to get your loan at the lowest rate possible! Whether […]

Must Read Peer Lending News of the Week

Lending Club goes public and launches peer to peer lending mainstream for future growth The big news last week was the initial public offering of Lending Club stock on the New York Stock Exchange. The IPO went very well and the world’s largest marketplace lender is now a whole lot larger. Shares jumped 56% on […]

Must Read Peer Lending News this Week

Peer lending is exploding as a new way to manage debt and use financial leverage for small business Must read peer lending news is a weekly post on Tuesdays highlighting the biggest and most interesting stories throughout the peer lending industry. I’ve summarized each article but please click through for more information. Be sure to […]

How Much is Lending Club Stock Worth?

Lending Club, the largest peer lending platform in America, will issue shares on the New York Stock Exchange soon and the pundits are sure to offer up all kinds of predictions on how much the shares will be worth. Use this infographic and your own analysis for how much you think the stock could fetch. […]