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Avoiding the 3 Biggest Borrower Risks in P2P Lending

Understand the three most common borrower risks in p2p lending to get the most out of it. Lara Miller was on the verge of success after six years selling her original line of clothes through 17 retail outlets but her hope turned quickly to frustration in 2006. She had maxed out her credit cards and […]

Must Read Peer Lending News of the Week

P2P lending is still new as a source for loans but making big headlines and quickly becoming mainstream Peer Lending News is a weekly recap of the biggest headlines and analysis in the peer lending industry. I keep track of all the best posts and news to highlight here on the site every Tuesday. Let […]

Peer Lending 2015: Competition, IPOs and More Growth

After the explosive growth this year, it would be hard to say that the industry could grow even faster next year but there is a good chance that it may happen for peer lending 2015. Not only have two successful IPOs brought media attention and new capital to the space, a shifting rate environment and […]

Creative Financing with Linda Jenkins

Creative Financing: Tips and Tricks from Author Linda Jenkins Today’s post is an interview with Linda Jenkins, CEO of Gold Alliance Group, a consulting firm for small business owners and others seeking creative financing ideas. She holds a master’s degree in business with experience in architecture and recruiting. She just released the 2nd edition of […]

Must Read Peer Lending News of the Week

Lending Club goes public and launches peer to peer lending mainstream for future growth The big news last week was the initial public offering of Lending Club stock on the New York Stock Exchange. The IPO went very well and the world’s largest marketplace lender is now a whole lot larger. Shares jumped 56% on […]

Must Read Peer Lending News this Week

Peer lending is exploding as a new way to manage debt and use financial leverage for small business Must read peer lending news is a weekly post on Tuesdays highlighting the biggest and most interesting stories throughout the peer lending industry. I’ve summarized each article but please click through for more information. Be sure to […]