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Three P2P Investment Risks in Peer Lending to Avoid

P2P investing is bridging the gap between stocks and bonds but you’ll need to avoid the three biggest p2p investment risks Risk-free treasury bonds are paying nothing after inflation and even junk-rated corporate debt will net you only about 4% after taxes. Stocks have been doing well but won’t go up forever, the next recession […]

How to Invest in Peer Loans – Video

This video and guide will start you on p2p investing and how to invest in peer loans to earn high yields and lower your investment risk P2p investing in peer loans is a popular topic lately and there are a lot of questions from new investors. The new p2p asset class promises higher yields than […]

Should you Invest in Peer Loans or Lending Club Stock

Investors can now invest indirectly in peer loans through stock in the world’s largest marketplace lender. What are the risks to investing in Lending Club stock and should you buy in? Lending Club (NYSE: LC) issued stock on the New York Stock Exchange last Thursday and raised $865 million on its offer of 57.7 million […]

Lending Club IPO Jumps and Other Peer News

Below is a summary of some of the best and most important peer lending news I’ve seen over the last week. Each summary below includes a link to the original article or news piece, click through for more information. New Statistics for Lending Club Lending Club released a new statistics page recently for investors. The […]

Investment Diversification is a Double-edged Sword

An understanding of investment diversification can help you earn a high rate of return on your peer loans and minimize the amount of work you need to do in analysis. Look through any peer lending site for five minutes and you’ll probably see the word, “diversification,” at least ten times. As an investment analyst, the […]

Building Wealth through Peer Lending, an Interview with David Shipman

Author and expert in online loans, David Shipman reveals his secrets to investing in peer loans. I’m pleased to present our very first of many interviews on this site. I am interviewing both online loan investors and peer lending borrowers for their story on how the online loans revolution has changed their lives. You will […]