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The Top 15 Personal Finance Sites for 2015

My background is in investment analysis with much of my life spent working for large investment firms and private equity. I have found the blogs below absolutely essential in understanding the personal side of finances including managing your debt and how to find the best deals. Each one is unique in its focus and you are sure to find a site that speaks directly to who you are and your finances.

Stock Market Basics

This is a great site for learning how to invest your money the right way, rather than all the bad advice you get on TV. Investing can be easy but too many bad investor behaviors complicate things and many investors actually end up losing money. Learn how to save money investing by creating your own funds on Motif Investing.

Peer Loans Online

This was my first personal finance blog and let me tell the story of debt disaster and how I was able to rebuild my credit score. I share everything I learned about peer lending and debt consolidation to help readers get back on track without high-interest payday loans or credit cards.

My Work from Home Money

We’re all about budgeting and saving here on PeerFinance101 but a big part of personal finance is making money as well. Working the rat race all your life means you’ll be capped out on raises and may never be able to make as much as you could. Learn how to start a blog and make money or one of the many other work from home ideas shared on the site.

Budgets are sexy

Started in 2008, Budgets are sexy is owned by J$ and adds J’s unique twist on personal finances. In this blog you will find a lot of easy to understand and interesting information about how to handle your personal finances along with J’s great sense of humor and reality. His goal is to help people understand their money and have fun in the progress. J’s calculation for this is Budgets=Confidence=Sexy. So if you agree and like saving, investing and getting rid of debt, check out the blog.

The College Investor

Robert Farrington is a MBA graduate and has been writing about personal finance and investing at The College Investor since 2009. His goal is to provide solid financial advice so that young adults can stay out of debt to have more money for savings and investment. Robert recommends to his readers to start saving as early as high school and throughout the college years. He also provides valuable information on how to pay for school, choosing which student loans are right for you and a free eBook packed with good stuff.

Bible money matters

Bible Money Matters is a Christian personal finance blog operated by Peter Anderson. His belief is that everyone can live a life free from debt and financial strain. Finances, faith and family are the three core ideals from which Peter crafts his insightful message. Subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll receive the latest articles as well as exclusive financial tips and strategies that you cannot find on the blog.

Afford anything

A former newspaper editor, Paula Pant is a journalist, investor, entrepreneur and globetrotter. She owns seven rental property units along with her site that focuses on building wealth. Paula believes that you cannot afford everything but you can afford anything, an interesting concept but you’ll have to go to the site to find out how.

Reach financial independence

Paula was born and raised in Paris but has been living in Guatemala since October 2012. She shares her personal life story with readers and is the model of balanced personal finances. She keeps a moderate level of debt, pays off all her cards regularly and was able to graduate from college with savings. Paula started her blog to track her progress and to show people that with little money you can reach your dreams and financial independence.

Making sense of cents

Michelle graduated from an expensive private university in May of 2010 with two business degrees and a lot of student loan debt. She went back to school for her MBA in Finance and graduated in 2012 with even more student loan debt. Her blog is the story of how she managed to pay off all her student loan debt in just a couple of years and some great deals she has found along the way.

One cent at a time

Sudipto has a passion for investment and personal finance and brings it through to you in his blog. The site covers a range of topics beyond personal finances including achieving a feeling of inner self, improving your social life and just enjoying the better things. You may not become rich but you can still feel that way.

See debt run

See debt run is a blog managed by the two-person team Jefferson and Michelle. The site is about making the commitment to end your troubles with debt and take control of your family’s financial future. Too many marriages and families are torn apart by money problems. If you want to simplify your life and improve your relationship through better financial control, you’re in the right place.

Dinks finance

Dinks Finance is another two-person team, started in 2006 by James & Miel. Kristina joined the team about four years ago and the blog provides a ton of information on a regular basis. The blog seeks to help couples set goals and openly discuss financial differences. The reading is very conversational and takes you with them on their own personal journeys.

The frugal farmer

Rick and Laurie and their four children left their life in suburbia to become the frugal farmer family on a small hobby farm in the Midwest. The blog covers their journey to provide for the family emotionally and financially and becoming self-sufficient. If you want to know and learn how to live with less, about frugal food and the road to being debt-free, the frugal framer can help!

Your Personal Finance Pro

Harry, your PF Pro created this site in January of 2012 after a couple years of reading other people’s blogs. The site provides a consistent source of information on investing, making a little extra money and saving. Beyond the basics, Harry also shares his own tips and tricks on credit cards and deals.


Graham Clark, the Moneystepper, is a chartered accountant living in the South of France. He provides his unique view on different ways to earn and save through deals and concepts that anyone can apply. Daily posts cover topics on every aspect of money, investing and saving helping you to build wealth over the long-term

Creative Savings

Kalyn’s mission is to help you create a lifestyle you love on whatever budget you may have. Her secret is to prioritize the things that matter most so you can achieve the most happiness possible. By sticking to her own budget and using her insightful tips, she managed to pay off a five-year car loan in two years, buy a rental duplex and take a vacation every year since her marriage. For beginners, Kalyn provides a great budget checklist that will get you started.

The Simple Dollar

Simple Dollar was launched in 2006 and is a great resource for fighting debt and bad spending habits. The site now gets more than a million visitors a month and is ranked as one of the top ten personal finance blogs by Kiplinger. The site really cuts through a lot of the complicated nonsense you find on other personal finance blogs and gives you the straight solution to managing your money.

Joseph Hogue, CFAAbout Joseph Hogue

An investment analyst by profession, I run two blogs (Crowd101 and PeerFinance101) in personal finance, peer lending and crowdfunding. I've been on both sides of the table as a lender and a borrower and am excited to be a part of the peer movement. With the power of the internet, people are helping other people manage debt and raise money in ways never before possible.

A veteran and Iowa-native, I now live in Colombia with my wife and son. Like so many people, I was once trapped into the money myth and what it means to be successful. After taking control of my finances and learning how to make money in a job I love, I found a level of financial freedom that just has to be shared.

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