Personal Finance Calculators to Make You Rich

These personal finance calculators will help you beat debt and make your money work for you

You don’t have to be a money nerd like me to love a good financial calculator. These simple internet tools make it easy to plan and guide your personal finances.

From understanding the best way to pay off debt to making sure your savings are heading in the right direction, using a financial calculator is a must for reaching your goals.

I’ve created five personal finance calculators to help you put your finances back on track and keep them there!

Financial Calculators to Help You Beat Debt

These first two money calculators are maybe the most important of them all. The average American owes over $50,000 in debt and that’s not including mortgage debt. A dollar of every five earned goes to just making those debt payments every month.

That financial burden makes it impossible to get out ahead and reach your goals!

Loan Payoff Calculator – Use this debt payoff planner to list out your debts, interest rates and payments to see how much you can save by adding a little to your monthly payment. It will also show you the power of consolidating your debt, lowering your interest rate and getting debt free fast.

Credit Card Interest Calculator – This credit card payoff calculator is a wakeup call for anyone with credit card debt. The average American owes more than $14,000 in revolving debt and loses nearly $2,000 a year just to interest. Learn how to pay off your credit cards faster and lower your rates with this calculator.

Personal Finance Calculators to Meet Your Savings Goal

Meeting your financial goals isn’t just about paying off debt. You’ve got to save money for the future. How much do you want to save and are you on the right track?

Savings Account Calculator – This savings calculator will show you how much you’re on track to save and how to reach your savings goals. Don’t leave your savings up to chance.

Investment Calculators to Beat Your Investing Goals

Want to know the secret of the rich? They make their money work for them through investments in stocks, bonds and other assets. Putting your money in the seemingly endless choices of investments can be confusing and more than a little scary. These two investing calculators on sister-site will help make sense of how much you need to grow your nest egg.

Retirement Income Calculator – This simple retirement savings calculator will show you exactly how much you’ll have when you retire and the monthly income you can expect. Play around with the numbers in the calculator to find the perfect mix of savings and return to meet your investing goals.

401k Calculator – The best investment you’ll ever make is a contribution into your employer-sponsored 401k account. This free money investment is almost completely misunderstood by workers but I guarantee it will produce one of the highest returns in your portfolio. This 401k contributions calculator will show you how far your 401k will grow and the income you can expect in retirement.

These personal finance calculators can be your first step into understanding your money and what it’s going to take to meet your goals. Use them regularly to make sure you’re on the right track and stay motivated in paying off debt, saving and investing your hard-earned money.

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Each link above goes to a financial calculator and a step-by-step how to use it to meet your goals. I’ve also created videos on the YouTube channel to help guide you through each calculator. I’m always here to answer any questions about reaching your financial goals, investing, making more money and anything money-related.