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Why You Must Consolidate Debt this Year

Consolidation loans and all other loans are about to get more expensive and you might not be able to qualify When I destroyed my credit and fell deep into debt in 2008, I thought the only way out would be bankruptcy. I owed tens of thousands on credit cards and home mortgages from rental properties. […]

Is it Possible to Get Bad Credit Home Loans?

Follow this simple process for bad credit home loans at rates you can afford First let’s start by saying I hate the term ‘bad credit’ and bad credit home loans are no different than regular home loans. The banks have separated ‘good credit’ and ‘bad credit’ by saying everyone below a certain credit score, usually […]

11 FICO Credit Score Myths that Will Change Your Financial Life

These FICO credit score myths can keep you from getting the money you need, a good job or even a roof over your head Your FICO credit score is one of the most important parts of your financial life. It can help you find your dream home, get you cheaper rates on insurance and even […]

10 Most Important Questions about Debt and Credit

Getting the facts about the most important questions on debt will help you avoid the biggest traps Debt is a destroyer of lives. Not only because it keeps you working to pay someone else but because it can trap you in a paycheck-to-paycheck curse. But there’s an even bigger problem with debt, all the false […]

How to Pay for an Engagement Ring with No Money

Understand how much you should pay for an engagement ring and how to buy a ring when you might not have the money There are few milestones in life that everyone remembers, those flashes of our lives that we remember forever. That first exchange of an engagement ring is one of those times. No matter […]

How to Control Debt when You Don’t Make Enough Money

Take control of debt by with these tips on prioritizing payments, building an emergency fund and avoiding the biggest traps Consumer debt is out of control in America. The Federal Reserve reports that households owe nearly $4.0 trillion, that’s $500 billion more than just before the housing bubble burst when debt burdens pushed the country […]