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Renting vs Buying a Home [Reasons I Made a Financially-Dumb Decision]

Renting vs buying a home isn’t just about the numbers Should you rent or buy a home? What are the numbers behind the decision and which makes more sense? In this video, I’ll show you those numbers but I’m also going to reveal two reasons why you need to ignore the numbers. I’ll show you […]

The Financially-Dumb Answer to Pay Off the Mortgage or Invest

The common answer to paying off debt or investing is wrong Whether to pay off your debt before you start investing. It’s one of the most common financial questions, financial arguments really. Most people say look at the numbers but I’ve got two reasons that make absolutely no mathematical sense but might just save your […]

How to Destroy Derogatory Accounts on Your Credit Report

Derogatory accounts don’t have to hurt your credit score if you know the tricks around them We’ve all been there. You miss one payment and your credit score plunges. How does that bad mark on your credit report affect your score? How do derogatory accounts destroy your credit? More importantly…how can you fight these credit […]

5 Productivity Hacks to Get More from Your Time

How to be more productive and get more from your time. You’ve got the perfect business idea but how do you find the time in an already busy schedule? How do you get more hours in the day to make money from home? In this video, I’m sharing three tips to find more time and […]

5 Websites to Get an Emergency Loan on Bad Credit

When you need emergency cash, you don’t want to worry about your credit score. Five websites and options to get emergency loans with bad credit.

7 Passive Income Ideas [Updated for $10K a Month]

The only way to stop working FOR your money is to start making your money work for YOU with these seven passive income streams. Learn how to create monthly cash flow with no work and no money.