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Do you Know How to Rank your Debt?

Knowing how to rank your debt can open up new opportunities and improve your credit score Debt is bad! Paying off your debt is good! That seems to be immutable rule in personal finances with blogs regularly publishing stories of how one couple pays down tens of thousands in just a few months. You don’t […]

10 Things I’ll Never Buy Again [and I’ll Save Thousands]

Never buy these biggest wastes of money if you want to save thousands We all love to buy stuff but between outright scams and wastes of money, there are somethings you should never buy. Most of us learn what these biggest wastes of money are the hard way, buying them only to see how useless […]

Your Complete Debt Consolidation Process

The debt consolidation process can save you money on interest and help get your credit back on track Up to this point on the blog, I’ve talked about how to save on everything from vacations to homemade cleaning products. The Frugal Grandma wasn’t always so good with her money though, there was a point when […]

Best Credit Monitoring Services to Stop Identity Theft

There’s no one best credit monitoring service but there are a few that offer some great features to stop identity theft A new case of identity theft happens every two seconds in the United States! That’s more than 40,000 people every day that get their credit hacked. Learn the best credit monitoring services to help […]

How to Talk about Money with Your Family

Talking to your family about money shouldn’t be taboo and money conversations can actually bring you closer together Four in ten marriages end in divorce and couples report financial problems as the #1 cause for argument. The fact is that we just don’t talk about money until it’s a problem. This is where a lot […]

Easy Budget Strategies to Fix 3 Financial Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

Keeping a budget isn’t just about controlling your spending but can also help you fix three of the worst financial problems Budget is the four-letter word of the personal finance world. We all know we should be tracking our spending but how many people actually do it? The problem is that budgets are for living […]