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5 Budget Tricks You Won’t Believe Actually Work

Spending is too easy and budgeting is no fun! Use these five budget tricks to save more money. Budgeting is like New Year’s Resolutions – we all know we need to make changes and follow a plan but how long do those plans usually last? For many people, saving and keeping a budget is so […]

8-Point Credit Score Checklist to Boost Your FICO Fast

Use this FICO checklist for the best ways to increase your credit score within a few months As someone that destroyed their credit score, I can tell you that FICO means more to your life than you might know. After my credit score dropped into the 500s, I saw my insurance premiums jump and was […]

(UPDATED) myFICO Review: Helping You Understand Credit Scores and Reports

Learn to understand your credit scores and reports using this helpful tool. This myFICO review will give you an overview. Are you curious about the world of credit scores and reports? There are so many terms that may overwhelm you, but makes it easy to understand what these all mean. For instance, if you […]

Should You Marry Someone Bad with Money?

Is it wrong to marry for money? Four crucial questions to ask before marrying someone bad with money If marriage is about love, then divorce is all about money. Is it wrong to marry for money? Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. You’d think that it’s something people would learn from but more […]

The Secret to Why College is Important

The real reason college is important goes beyond the money to financial freedom Do you need to go to college? Is a university degree going to guarantee money and success in life? Why is college important in the new reality of the gig economy? These questions have always been asked but it seems the voices […]

My 12-Step Financial Freedom Checklist

Put yourself on the path to financial freedom with this financial checklist to cover everything from debt to investing and enjoying life. Quotes about planning and failing have been attributed to everyone from Albert Einstein to Winston Churchill. I won’t add my own notable remark to the list but will say that without planning, I […]