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5 Reverse Mortgage Alternatives to Get the Money You Need

Reverse mortgage funding may sound like a good idea but these mortgage alternatives will get you the money you need without the high cost and risks Two questions are always top-of-mind when retirees email me about their finances, how much do different living options cost and how to pay for expenses. They want to continue […]

How to Get Out of Debt Fast in 2019

Nine debt-free steps to get out of debt for good in 2019 Paying off your debt can seem like a lifetime chore. In fact, taking years to pay off debt is the #1 reason most people quit in frustration and never ditch the burden. By the end of this video, you’ll have the nine-step process […]

How to Compare Loans for Medical Bills on Bad Credit

Medical loans can be a debt trap but can also keep you from bankruptcy. Get the facts and compare loans in this guide.

Is a 660 Credit Score Good Credit [how to get any loan you want]

A 660 credit score isn’t yet considered good credit but all you need is a little more to ditch that bad credit forever I’ve done a lot of these credit score reviews around different FICO scores but I’ve gotta say, I’m really excited about talking about the 660 credit score. That’s because at a 660 […]

How to Get the Lowest Personal Loan Rate [on any Credit Score]

Getting the best personal loan rates means understanding your credit score and different lenders Ever been denied a loan because of your credit score? Even if you haven’t been denied a loan outright, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the lowest interest rate because of a bad credit score. Credit scores and getting a […]

Rent to Own Home Scams and How to Avoid Them

Rent to own homes can be a great option for bad credit borrowers if you understand how to find a fair deal Rent to own homes are a favorite tool of landlords and bad credit borrowers alike. How can it be that both sides of the table like these financial tools so much? It’s because […]