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4 Steps I Used to Negotiate Debt and Save $6,500

Use these four easy steps to negotiate debt and save money with any creditor If you just can’t make your payments, there is a way to cut the amount of debt you owe in half and keep it from destroying your credit. Most people think that debt is a done deal. You borrowed the money, […]

5-Minute Template to Dispute Credit Report Letter

Increasing your FICO is easy with this template to dispute credit report letter to get bad marks wiped clean The FTC found that one-in-five people have a mistake on their credit report, a mistake that means you’re paying higher rates than you should. By the end of this video, you’ll not only know how to […]

How to Get a Credit Report [The Only True Free Way]

Avoid the scams and get your credit report with the only free government site There are thousands of scam sites trying to trick you into paying for your credit report but getting your truly free report takes less than five minutes. By the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how to get a credit […]

myFICO Review: More than Credit Monitoring and Protection

myFICO offers credit monitoring and ID theft protection but the website does much more to help you track and plan your credit More than 15.4 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2016 according to Javelin Strategy Research and that doesn’t count the 145 million that saw their personal information compromised in last year’s […]

3 Reasons Hair Salons Need to Accept Credit Cards

In today’s economy, cash is becoming an increasingly rare form of payment. Some people simply don’t carry cash, others prefer the paper trail that a card leaves behind. It’s easier to check a credit card statement than to keep track of a receipt or to try to remember where you spent that last $20 bill. […]

Why Debt Free Living is Dangerous

The debt free lifestyle could be setting you up for pain Debt-free living is popular these days with books like Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and the allure of a stress-free bank account. I’m all for paying off your debt but there’s something in the debt-free lifestyle that could cause you just as much stress in […]