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TopCashBack Review: Cash Back Shopping Made Easy

How to use TopCashBack for cash rewards shopping on almost everything you buy Every time I shop online, I look for the lowest price after shipping. One way I save even more money is using a cash back portal like TopCashback. With a single click, you’re on your way to saving up to 40% every […]

20 Money Saving Tips to Save $7,500 a Year

Just a handful of money saving tips can more than double the money you have left each month So you’ve tried to make a budget…a few times, but you still can’t figure out where the money goes at the end of the month! How did I know? How did I know that budgets never work […]

3 Financial Goals Everyone Needs to Make in 2018

Follow these three 2018 financial goals for the financial future you deserve this year It’s a new year and that means a lot of us will be making New Year’s resolutions… and then breaking them about three weeks later. Why do we do it every year? Why do we plan on self-improvement when we know […]

How to Financially Survive a Job Loss

Take the stress out of job loss and turn it into an opportunity with these tips on surviving a job loss Losing a job is never fun, especially when everything at work seems to be humming along smoothly. Even in the current bull market and with the lowest unemployment rate in recent memory, companies go […]

5 Financial Tips to Recover from the Black Friday Binge

Family has left and the turkey is digested but those Black Friday bills remain. Follow these financial tips to recover. Did you binge this Black Friday weekend on all those irresistible deals for 4K flatscreens and the trendy toys you didn’t even know you needed? While you are still reveling in how much money you […]

Stop Saving Your Life Away and Do This Instead

Why making more money will make you happier and help reach your goals faster than just saving Personal finance blogs love to talk about budgeting and saving money. I do it…a lot. But is spending less really going to get you to your financial goals? How much can you realistically save? Is it going to […]

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