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20 Money Saving Tips to Save $7,500 a Year

Just a handful of money saving tips can more than double the money you have left each month So you’ve tried to make a budget…a few times, but you still can’t figure out where the money goes at the end of the month! How did I know? How did I know that budgets never work […]

Best Ways to Invest Children’s Savings

Here is a List of Helpful Tips to Invest Your Children’s Savings for a Bright Future So now, you have taught your kids on the importance of saving. Indeed, it is never too early or too late to teach them to be frugal and become financially prepared. Maybe the start of their financial journey is […]

3 Steps to Baby Step #3 [Dave Ramsey Emergency Fund]

Baby step #3 of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University might just save you from falling back into the debt trap The idea of saving for a rainy day is nothing new. What I learned from Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University is that until you have a fully funded emergency fund, financial peace is […]

Saving Tips for Teenagers: How to Teach Your Teen Child to Save

These Saving Tips for Teenagers Will Save Them Time Preparing for the Future There goes the saying that children learn what they live, as per Dorothy Law. Well, this holds true especially in the financial aspect. The kids learn by observing their parents on how they dispense with money. When they are in their teen […]

How my Parents Taught me the Importance of Saving

Parents can teach their kids the importance of saving through simple financial tasks like managing a savings account The importance of saving is something too often lost on Americans and rarely taught in school. Personal finance classes are non-existent and have led to the fact that more than half the country faces financial risk of […]

Five Easy Money Hacks that Nobody Thinks of – that will Work Today

Use these five easy money hacks to trick your bank account into saving more money fast Everyone wants more money and less debt, right? But sometimes it seems everything is lining up against you trying to manage your money. Whether it’s emergency expenses or just plain temptation, your bank account just doesn’t seem to budge […]