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Five Money Hacks that Nobody Thinks of – that will Work Today

Use these five easy money hacks to trick your bank account into saving more money fast Everyone wants more money and less debt, right? But sometimes it seems everything is lining up against you trying to manage your money. Whether it’s emergency expenses or just plain temptation, your bank account just doesn’t seem to budge […]

5 Money Questions You Need to Ask NOW

Ask these money questions before it’s too late and you get caught in a financial fiasco In a decade as an investment analyst and six years as a financial advisor, I see a lot of money questions pop up continuously. In fact, I sat down in a special call with many of you last week […]

10 Things I’ll Never Buy Again [and I’ll Save Thousands]

Never buy these biggest wastes of money if you want to save thousands We all love to buy stuff but between outright scams and wastes of money, there are somethings you should never buy. Most of us learn what these biggest wastes of money are the hard way, buying them only to see how useless […]

What Every Tax Professional Should Know in 2019

Tax law is constantly evolving, and in 2019 we’re going to see some big changes. Last year one of the largest pieces of tax reform legislation in over three decades was passed in congress. The bill was aimed at simplifying the tax code, decreasing taxes for businesses, and generally lowering taxes across the board for […]

How Personality Affects Your Money [and it’s NOT Good]

Understanding how personality affects your spending and money will help you make better decisions We talk a lot about saving and spending on the channel and have gotten some great tips from a lot of very smart people but I still hear from so many of you that you just can’t seem to keep that […]

Budgeting Help and Tips I Used to Save $54K in Interest

Simple savings tips and budgeting help you can turn into debt freedom The average household pays more than seven grand in interest on debt a year but just can’t pay that debt off because there’s nothing left in the budget. By the time you finish this video, you’ll have seven ways to cut spending without […]