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5 Best Websites for Cheap Wedding Loans

You don’t have to settle on a budget wedding. Use these websites for wedding loans for your special day. There are few times in life you’ll remember as often as your wedding day. My wife and I had a beautiful wedding but we definitely kept it to a budget wedding. I still regret not spending […]

Marie Kondo Method for Minimalist Living with Your Money

The Marie Kondo method isn’t just for minimalism but can help you save money and spark joy with your personal finances as well.

How to Get a Funeral Loan and Avoid the Scams

Funeral loans are a dangerous topic because of all the scammers preying on grieving family. Get the facts before applying for a loan.

3 Steps to Baby Step #3 [Dave Ramsey Emergency Fund]

Baby step #3 of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University might just save you from falling back into the debt trap The idea of saving for a rainy day is nothing new. What I learned from Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University is that until you have a fully funded emergency fund, financial peace is […]

How to not get Crushed by the Debt Snowball Method

The debt snowball method can save your savings…if you don’t get stuck Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps are helpful to get out of debt, but sometimes they can be challenging — especially Step 2: the debt snowball method. My wife, Wendi, and I seem to be in a never-ending battle with it. If you are […]

5 Easy Steps to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 1

Get started on Dave Ramsey Baby Step #1 and your emergency fund with these five steps We had pretty good jobs, but we lived paycheck-to-paycheck and relied on credit cards. Thanks to Dave Ramsey and building an emergency fund, we have been able to take control of our finances. When you start your emergency fund, […]