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What are installment loans?

Installment loans are different from other consumer credit like payday loans and credit cards and can help you get back on track Payday loans have been getting a lot of attention lately with interest rates upwards of 500% a year. The topic brings up another type of loan called installment loans that might be a […]

How to Pay for Moving Expenses with No Money

Paying for moving expenses doesn’t have to trap you in place. Check out these options from relocation assistance to moving loans. Moving to a different home, even if it’s within the same city can feel like a new chance on life. Whether you’re moving for a new job or just for new opportunities, you shouldn’t […]

Locked out by the Bank for a Loan, Here’s What I Did

Borrowers are running out of options for quick cash but the personal loans process from direct lenders is offering a solution The Federal Reserve reports in its survey of bank loan officers that more than 8% of banks tightened consumer loan standards late last year. This is making the direct personal loans process even more […]

SoFi Loans and $100 Cash Back Personal Loan Program

SoFi personal loans offer exceptionally low rates and employment protection if you qualify SoFi loans is one of the most popular online loan sites around for a reason, low rates and some unique features you won’t find elsewhere. Of course, that’s if you qualify. SoFi (formerly Social Finance) isn’t just an online loan site for […]

How a Portfolio Loan Can Help You Get a Mortgage on Bad Credit

A portfolio loan can be your opportunity to lower rates and other benefits for a mortgage The economy has boomed since the housing bubble burst but that hasn’t made it any easier to get a mortgage loan. The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that lenders reject one out of every two loan applications. One type of […]

Loan Principal, Tricks Lenders Play and How to Pay Off Loans Fast

Understanding loan statements and concepts like loan principal can help you save thousands Have you ever gotten a loan statement and thought it looked like a foreign language? What do all the numbers and accounting jargon mean? Understanding your mortgage statements along with concepts like loan principal and interest charge can help you save thousands […]