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How a Portfolio Loan Can Help You Get a Mortgage on Bad Credit

A portfolio loan can be your opportunity to lower rates and other benefits for a mortgage The economy has boomed since the housing bubble burst but that hasn’t made it any easier to get a mortgage loan. The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that lenders reject one out of every two loan applications. One type of […]

Loan Principal, Tricks Lenders Play and How to Pay Off Loans Fast

Understanding loan statements and concepts like loan principal can help you save thousands Have you ever gotten a loan statement and thought it looked like a foreign language? What do all the numbers and accounting jargon mean? Understanding your mortgage statements along with concepts like loan principal and interest charge can help you save thousands […]

What to Consider before taking a Personal Loan

These days, it is not uncommon to find at least one email per day about an instant pre-approved personal loan in your mailbox., you may even feel the offer has been specifically customized for you. However, getting a personal loan is a big step financially and should not be taken lightly. With emergency savings not […]

A Simple Guide to Medical Loans

Loaning money is an essential part of life for many people across the world. They aren’t fun and nobody likes taking them out, but some people need them and that is just a fact. There are many different reasons for taking out loans. Some people need them to pay debts, some people are looking to […]

Essential Tips for Paying Your Loans Back Faster

As much as people would prefer being debt-free any day, many circumstances in life can drive them to acquire loans—such as what My Canada Payday offers—just to get by. Unfortunately, there’s also a high possibility that that’s not the only debt they’re dealing with. If you’ve been in this situation for some time now, you’re […]

How to Ask A Family Member for a Loan

Asking family for a loan is not without risks but can save you in a financial pinch We all need money from time to time and it’s not always easy to come by if you don’t have perfect credit. Sometimes asking family or friends for a loan may be your only option. Even with all […]