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12 Best Books about Debt Relief and Credit Repair

A short list of Amazon’s best books about debt relief, credit repair and increasing your credit score I destroyed my credit in my early 20s and it was only by reading books about debt relief and credit repair that I was able to claw my way back to financial freedom. I ended up adding 140 […]

How to Get a Cash Advance Online for Bad Credit

Learn the pros and cons of online cash advances and how to get the best rate available More than 23 million people fall into the cash advance and payday loan trap every year. These borrowers pay interest rates as high as 500% a year and most end up in bankruptcy. In fact, more than 19 […]

The Ultimate List of Peer to Peer Lending Sites for 2019

Know the features on each p2p lending site to get the best rates for your peer to peer loan Are you locked out of bank loans because of bad credit? Are the only loans you can get at interest rates so high you can’t afford the payments? Yep, I was there about ten years ago […]

How to Get a Peer Loan on Bad Credit Now

Getting bad credit peer loans is easy. More important is understanding your credit and getting back on track after the loan. We’ve all been there. Maybe a missed payment hit your credit score or you’ve had bad credit for a while. You might just not have much credit history, a major factor in bad credit […]

15 Ways to Borrow Money Fast [Ultimate Guide]

Ultimate guide on how to borrow money from 15 different ways to get fast cash to the pros and cons of each. Don’t borrow a dime until you know your options.

What is Compound Interest Investment? [How to Get Rich on Any Income]

Einstein called compound interest the greatest mathematical discovery of all-time. I call it the easy way to financial freedom.