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What are Closed End Funds [3 Risks that Destroy Wealth]

Closed-end funds can be a tempting investment but do you know the risks? Learn what are closed-end funds and three dangers to avoid.

Passive Income Dividends Portfolio [Monthly Dividends to Pay the Bills]

How to Time Dividend Payments for Monthly Cash Flow How would it be if your investments paid your bills each and every month? What if you could create a consistent paycheck from dividend stocks alone? In this video, I’m revealing a dividend portfolio of seven stocks that will generate cash EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Even better, […]

How Student Loan Refinancing Works

Learn how student loan refinancing can save you money! Just a 1% different in your loan rate can save you $25 a month and over $6,000 in interest on your student loan. That’s the power of student loan refinancing. In this video, I’ll not only show you how student loan refinancing works but walk you […]

How Parent Plus Loan Refinancing Works

Save money and your credit score with a Parent Plus Loan refinance. You love your kids but now you’ve got tens of thousands in Parent Plus loans and a monthly payment that’s keeping you from creating your own financial future. How does Parent Plus Loan refinancing work and is it the solution to free you […]

7 Student Loan Repayment Options You Must See

Repaying your student loans doesn’t have to break the budget. Learn the student loan repayment options and pick the one best for you.

5 Strategies to Survive Any Stock Market Crash 2019

Learn how to protect your money with these stock market crash strategies We opened May with a warning about stocks and why I was selling. We closed the month with the stock market down 7% and no bottom in sight. It’s not quite a stock market crash but warning signs for stocks are flashing red. […]