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5 Best Vanguard ETFs to Buy Right Now

My Five Favorite Vanguard ETFs to Put in Your Portfolio! In this video, I’ll show you five of the best exchange traded funds for a complete portfolio that covers stocks, bonds and real estate, that provides a high dividend yield and takes the stress out of investing! Nation, all you Bow-Tie citizens out there know […]

My Favorite Dividend Stocks in One Fund

Check out these dividend stocks for great long-term return and constant cash in your pocket There are few investing ideas more popular than dividend investing and for good reason. Dividend investing is one of the few stock market themes that can provide constant cash flow into your account and a positive return even when the […]

Ready-Made Retirement Stock Portfolio for Millennials

This retirement stock portfolio is custom-made for millennials and anyone with decades left to invest I look at a lot of retirement stock portfolios of millennials and one thing is almost always missing. They’ve got plenty of stocks and some even have a little real estate to balance things out but almost nobody invests in […]

Looking for the Best Stocks in America’s Future

The stock market crash has brought new opportunity to invest in the best stocks around America’s future The stock market has fallen nearly 15% since its high last year and investors are wondering if we’ll see a repeat of the 2008 crash. Turns out, it’s a great time to pick up some of the best […]

Warren Buffett’s Billion Dollar Winners and Losers

A look at the Warren Buffett portfolio of stocks provides some lessons for investing in 2016 Warren Buffett is credited with almost divine powers in picking stocks and his portfolio, holdings of the Berkshire Hathaway company, are followed by investors around the world. The Oracle of Omaha didn’t do so well in 2015 with some […]