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How to Invest in Art with just $20

Get high returns and diversification investing in fine art! Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel and a special video for you today, something we’ve never covered on the channel before, investing in art and how to value artworks as an investor. I love the idea here because not only […]

5 Best Stocks to Buy for 2021

Get Ready for 2021 with these Best Stocks to Buy NOW! In all the chaos and crash of 2020, it has actually been a surprisingly good year to invest. I revealed five stocks back in April, five stocks to buy with the most potential this year and these picks have surged. We’re up between thirty- […]

How to Start Investing in 2021

Use this Simple Strategy to Get Started Investing NOW Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you look, whether it’s on investing blogs or flipping on CNBC, they expect you to hit the ground running like a Warren Buffett! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and you end up not starting on that investing journey that’s going to […]

The Great 2021 Real Estate Reset and the Only Properties I’m Buying

Not all property types are created equal in the great 2021 real estate reset Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with the Let’s Talk Money channel and an update to one of my favorite investments, real estate and REIT stocks. Nation, nobody could have seen 2020 coming but the mark of a great investor […]

What Should I Invest in Right Now for 2021

How to Start Investing in 2021 and Where to Look THANK GOD 2020 is almost over! Really, I gotta feel sorry for all the kids born this year because from now on, they’re going to tell someone the year they were born and it’s just going to be cringes and, ‘Oh…that suuuucks!’ But putting the […]

5 Monthly Dividends Stocks for Retirement

Monthly Dividend Stocks that Will Pay the Bills in Retirement We’ve talked about the retirement crisis before on the channel. It is just insane that four-in-ten retirees live on nothing but social security. That’s about $1,300 a month and considering average spending by those 65 and older comes to just over $4,200 a month according […]