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Reasons to Purchase Altcoins like DasCoin

Altcoins and DasCoin: The Hot Product of the Cryptocurrency Market The Cryptocurrency market has been abuzz with activity and development in recent years, with the booming demand for alternatives to Bitcoin, or “altcoins”, leading to the development of many new interesting cryptocurrency options to rival Bitcoin’s place, such as DasCoin aptly known as “The cryptocurrency […]

5 Infinite Banking Myths Debunked

Infinite banking is all about utilizing high cash value whole life insurance to become your own banker and manage your own financial outcomes with a liquid, safe investment strategy. At first, many who offer these policies make it seem too good to be true. On the other hand, those who have an agenda to sell […]

Filing for Bankruptcy: Types and Alternatives

If you are in financial trouble due to large unpaid medical bills, significant debts that you can’t repay or you are faced with a foreclosure, then filing for bankruptcy might be the right step to make in order to start anew. You should, however, keep in mind that this is not a simple process or […]