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Write My Paper: Freelancer vs. Writing Company

Oftentimes, students are not able to receive the highest grades for their assignments. The reasons are various. Some have weak writing skills, don’t understand how to write some papers, lack time and/or knowledge, and something of the kind. Therefore, almost all of them use the help of professional writers.

It’s a dependable, quick, and effective way to handle their problems. They simply leave online requests like – Who can write my paper? Afterward, the searching engine provides links to the top-rated freelancers. However, it’s important to define who to choose. Some folks prefer independent freelancers. The others choose writing companies that have writers. What method is more dependable? We’d like to provide a comparison.

Quality Writing

Freelancers and writing companies are obliged to provide certain guarantees and conditions to attract clients. The first property everyone should check is quality. If an independent freelancer and a writing company are highly rated, you may not doubt their competence. Both methods are suitable to solve multiple assignments.

Nonetheless, there is a drawback in the potential of a solo-writer. A single person may be good at writing almost any assignment but it’s impossible to be perfect every time. Some pieces of writing are too challenging. You can count only on certain assignments, which are really perfectly written.

Accordingly, it’s better to prefer a writing platform. It hires multiple writers who are competent in their majors and concrete pieces of writing. Moreover, you’ll find certificated experts in any academic discipline. In the meanwhile, a solo-writer isn’t good in every field because it’s simply impossible.

Pricing for Written Papers

Students give special heed to the price policy. Writing platforms commonly charge more than individual writers. They already have some fame and reputation. Accordingly, they can set quite expensive prices. In comparison to them, a single freelancer charges less. He/she wants to attract more clients and so, his/her assistance is cheaper. In the meanwhile, the quality is pretty the same.

However, it’s not easy to trust an unknown freelancer. A website has more proofs and clients’ testimonials about its reputation. It is quite risky to choose an independent writer. Of course, there are many really competent experts who work independently.

You should find the possible variants and compare their ratio of price and quality. Perhaps a writing company doesn’t ask to pay too much and so, it’s better to prefer its assistance. Besides, websites offer discounts and a cash-back guarantee. These conditions aren’t commonly provided by independent writers.


It’s necessary to keep your collaboration secret. Freelancers and writing platforms know about this condition and don’t share your private data with somebody else. However, it’s not always clear how independent freelancers protect the information about their clients. Writing platforms use updated and licensed software, which is effective against cyber threats. Freelancers use safeguards installed on their PC or laptop and their dependability is doubtful.


The issue of accessibility is of huge importance. Students may have urgent assignments and so, it’s essential to have a helper who is available 24 hours round the clock. Writing companies have many workers and so, they accept orders at any time. Besides, they offer an effective team of support to provide their clients with the necessary responses.

A private writer is alone and so, he/she cannot be available 24/7. He/she has to sleep, eat, has other tasks, etc. Therefore, you may contact him/her only during a certain period of time.

Quickness and Authenticity

The speed of individual freelancers and those working on a writing website is commonly the same. They know how important the speed is. Nonetheless, a single writer may be busy with other orders and so, you’ll have to wait.

The authenticity is guaranteed by both methods. A company and a single writer compose original works and meet the official demands. They cite in APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, and other writing formats. They use dependable plagiarism checkers to detect and eliminate any signs of the non-original content. We recommend using several checkers too. Thus, you’ll be sure your helper writes 100% authentic assignments.

We have offered plain facts. The advantages and disadvantages are easy to understand. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide what form of online assistance to choose.

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