The Shocking Difference Between APR and Interest Rate

The difference between an interest rate and APR may end up costing you thousands What’s the first thing you look for when applying for a loan? The interest rate, right? The stated interest rate … [Read More...]

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5 Rules to Teach Your Kids about Money

Get Your Kids Started Right with these Five Rules of Money and Investing I’ll admit, the idea for this post was money rules to teach your kids but I realized while outlining that these are really … [Read More...]

5 Reasons Not to Give Your Kids an Allowance

Don’t give your kids an allowance just because you received one. In fact, you might not want to give them one at all. I received an allowance as a kid. I can’t remember how much it was and can’t say that it created any great financial habits. I got an allowance mostly because my parents […]

TaxAct vs TurboTax Review: Best Features and Options for Your Taxes

This TaxAct vs TurboTax review shows some strong features on each for your federal income taxes – which is right for you will depend on your tax needs The last weeks in March are always the biggest for federal income tax filing. Millions of Americans will scramble their W-2s and other docs together to beat […]

Can I Afford a House? [Dave Ramsey Secret to Saving More]

Use these two secret methods to find how much house you can afford More than 40 million Americans are house poor, living with housing costs they can’t afford. How do you know how much house you can afford and how much is too much? In this video, I’ll show you two ways to figure out […]

Six-Step Simple Strategy to Avoid Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is much worse that it seems. Follow these six steps to avoid bankruptcy at all costs. Filing for bankruptcy is pretty much a last resort when you absolutely cannot see any other … [Read More...]

What is Robo-Investing and Is it Right for You?

The goal of investing is to build wealth for future goals. In the past you had several investing options, do-it-yourself through a low-fee discount broker or hire a financial advisor or stockbroker. … [Read More...]

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Paying for moving expenses doesn’t have to trap you in place. Check out these options from relocation assistance to moving loans. Moving to a different home, even if it’s within the same city can feel like a new chance on life. Whether you’re moving for a new job or just for new opportunities, you shouldn’t […]

Real Estate Investing vs. Stocks: Pros and Cons

Investing is an age-old strategy to make sure that at some point in life you can relax, travel, and enjoy your hard-earned retirement years. By investing early and continuing to do so a little each month. Your initial investment will grow over the long term and the idea is that you’ll eventually be able to […]

Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A Home Loan

Purchasing a house is one of the biggest financial decisions any person will ever make in their lifetime. And, a lot of people who are planning to do this opt for home loans. Unfortunately, getting a home loan isn’t as easy as most people think. Before you sign up for one, you have to be […]

4 Best Ways to Repay Your Mortgage Faster

How to Repay your Mortgage in Half the Time and Save Thousands Buying a home is an part of the American Dream and 90% of home buyers finance their purchase with a 30-year mortgage because it offers the lowest monthly payment. What you might not realize, is that you can make extra payments on your 30-year […]

Real Estate 101: Top 4 Tips in Buying a Home

Purchasing a home for the first time can be exciting. However, it’s not uncommon to feel even just a little overwhelmed at the prospect of securing a property of your own – especially when you consider that these big-ticket items generally require a substantial commitment of financial resources. And if you make an impulsive decision, […]

What is a Good Credit Score and What Does it Mean?

Instead of asking what is a good credit score, ask what you can do with your FICO score The first thing people want to know after checking their credit score is usually, “Ok, is that a good credit score?” There’s no one answer for what makes a good credit score. What’s more important is what […]

Locked out by the Bank for a Loan, Here’s What I Did

Borrowers are running out of options for quick cash but the personal loans process from direct lenders is offering a solution The Federal Reserve reports in its survey of bank loan officers that more than 8% of banks tightened consumer loan standards late last year. This is making the direct personal loans process even more […]