How a Portfolio Loan Can Help You Get a Mortgage on Bad Credit

A portfolio loan can be your opportunity to lower rates and other benefits for a mortgage The economy has boomed since the housing bubble burst but that hasn’t made it any easier to get a mortgage … [Read More...]

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Is a 630 Credit Score Bad Credit? [and how to fix it]

Having a 630 credit score puts you on the edge of unlocking all the benefits of good credit Credit scores are a mystery to most people, but they affect your life in more ways than you might … [Read More...]

10 Types of Loans and Which is Best for You

The Best Types of Loans for Your Need and How to Get the Best Rate So much time is spent talking about how to pay down debt and why you should avoid debt altogether that it’s easy to forget there are many different types of debt. Use any one type of loan for the wrong […]

Loan Principal, Tricks Lenders Play and How to Pay Off Loans Fast

Understanding loan statements and concepts like loan principal can help you save thousands Have you ever gotten a loan statement and thought it looked like a foreign language? What do all the numbers and accounting jargon mean? Understanding your mortgage statements along with concepts like loan principal and interest charge can help you save thousands […]

What is a Good APR [and 5 Steps to Get One]

Understanding the difference between APR and interest rate will help you get a good APR on any loan Ever wonder why there is so much technical jargon in lending? You’ve got an interest rate and an annual percentage rate (APR). Your payments are calculated with a formula that only an MIT grad could understand. It’s […]

5 Things You Can’t Do with Bad Credit

Before you miss that payment, check out this list of things you can’t do with bad credit and get out ahead of your credit problems Everyone takes their credit score for granted until they need a … [Read More...]

4 Keys to Saving Money and Moving to Your Dream Destination

Many people have that one destination they return to again and again, as there is something about it that makes them feel calm, relaxed, and happy. Are you considering a move to Canada? Calgary is … [Read More...]

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