Online Resources

I’m proud of the community we’ve built here on the blog. PeerFinance101 may be about sharing our stories in personal finance, but there are some really great blogs on the ‘net and some really amazing bloggers.

That’s why I have put together a list of the best resource sites for personal finance and peer lending. Click through to the links below to visit the sites…just remember to come back to PeerFinance101 when you’re done.

Budgets are sexy Started in 2008, Budgets are sexy is owned by J$ and adds J’s unique twist on personal finances. In this blog you will find a lot of easy to understand and interesting information about how to handle your personal finances along with J’s great sense of humor and reality. His goal is to help people understand their money and have fun in the progress. J’s calculation for this is Budgets=Confidence=Sexy. So if you agree and like saving, investing and getting rid of debt, check out the blog.

The College Investor Robert Farrington is a MBA graduate and has been writing about personal finance and investing at The College Investor since 2009. His goal is to provide solid financial advice so that young adults can stay out of debt to have more money for savings and investment. Robert recommends to his readers to start saving as early as high school and throughout the college years. He also provides valuable information on how to pay for school, choosing which student loans are right for you and a free eBook packed with good stuff.

Bible money matters Bible Money Matters is a Christian personal finance blog operated by Peter Anderson. His belief is that everyone can live a life free from debt and financial strain. Finances, faith and family are the three core ideals from which Peter crafts his insightful message. Subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll receive the latest articles as well as exclusive financial tips and strategies that you cannot find on the blog.

Dinks finance Dinks Finance is another two-person team, started in 2006 by James & Miel. Kristina joined the team about four years ago and the blog provides a ton of information on a regular basis. The blog seeks to help couples set goals and openly discuss financial differences. The reading is very conversational and takes you with them on their own personal journeys.

Moneystepper Graham Clark, the Moneystepper, is a chartered accountant living in the South of France. He provides his unique view on different ways to earn and save through deals and concepts that anyone can apply. Daily posts cover topics on every aspect of money, investing and saving helping you to build wealth over the long-term

Lend Academy, Peter runs one of the most popular peer lending sites and has been active in the topic since 2008. He also invests with both Prosper and Lending Club and talks about his returns on the blog. Much of the content is geared to investors but it also contains a page for borrowers and a forum where people can interact.

WiseClerk is a forum so you won’t find as much blog-type information but it is a great source for talking and exchanging ideas with others in the online loans space. The forum has groups for each of the major peer lending platforms, including the ones outside the United States. The group discussion for borrowers is not as active as the others but still a good resource for ideas.