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Raise Your Business Brand by Printing on a CD

I remember burning CDs in the late-90s. I was in the Marine Corps and making about $1,200 a month which didn’t leave much room for buying the newest music.

One of the other Marines in the armory had almost the exact same taste in music as I so we often got together to burn CDs from each other’s music collection. The CDs weren’t pretty, just a plain disk with a black-marker label we wrote on it so we knew what we had burned.

Twenty-years later and technology has given us a new solution and it’s not just for casual use. It could help you raise awareness for your business brand, promote a cause or even sell your own music.

Why Use a Printer to Print Your CDs?

If you’re just creating CDs for yourself then appearance isn’t much of an issue. If you’re going to be sharing those CDs then you want them to look as professional as possible.

I go to a lot of conferences as a financial writer and collect a lot of swag. Swag is all the free t-shirts, pens, USB drives and everything else printed with a company’s logo on it.

It can be an extremely effective way to market a company but also very expensive. It costs upwards of $10 for each t-shirt with your logo and even relatively cheap pens are still as much as $1 each. Besides the cost, none of these things tell people anything about your company.

Unless they look up your company on the internet, you just wasted your money and efficiency is a hallmark of a good business.

But printing out a CD enables you to put all kinds of information in front of potential customers from presentations to videos to a sales pitch.

Best yet, you can burn hundreds of CDs and DVDs to distribute on any budget.

How to Print on a CD

The old school solution used to be paper stick-on labels but those rarely worked for long and each CD took forever to position the sticker. We now have printers that print on CDs so your artwork or brand looks professional and will never come off.

Canon, Epson, HP and most of the other big printer names all make affordable printers that print directly onto a disk. Some printers can even do high-volume, automated printing so you don’t have to place each disk manually.

The printers work on CDs with a special coating that usually comes in white or silver and can print any artwork or branding you like.

  1. Create your disk artwork or branding with any publishing software. This is your professional brand so you might consider getting a logo and CD design created by a freelancer.
  2. Save the artwork in your publishing software so you can use it for printing.
  3. Place the disk in the CD or DVD tray on the printer. For most models, this is a special CD-sized tray that slides out from the larger paper tray.
  4. Close the CD tray and push it into position in the printer feed and align the tray with the lines on the printer for CD-printing.
  5. Click print on your computer.

cd printing

It’s as easy as that, really not very different from traditional printing on paper. You can print the CDs before or after you download the data to the disk but it’s usually a good idea to do it after you download your data.

Make sure you get some protective sleeves for your disks. This is more to keep them from getting scratched but will protect the printed label as well. Spend some time to really think through your CD artwork and create a professional brand that will promote your business. For less than $1 each CD, you can get your business out to thousands of potential customers.

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