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I always took my credit score and low interest rates for granted until a financial disaster destroyed my credit. I had a 760 credit score when I got out of the Marine Corps and could get just about any loan I wanted.

Then the real estate bubble burst and my credit score tumbled more than 100 points in less than a few months. I was locked out of the system and couldn't finance a pack of gum. The FICO blog says it takes up to seven years to recover your credit score after serious delinquencies. I learned everything I could about credit and boosting my score to take control and fix my credit in less than four years.

I want to share with you what I learned in this free 10-page guide. You'll find everything I did to fix my credit score and how I keep my score healthy...and you'll get it all absolutely free. Why am I giving this booklet away free? I want everyone to have the financial freedom I've found and I want you to be a part of the community that can make it possible.

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This isn't some weak checklist of ideas just to get your email address. I put this 10-page guide together over years of fixing my own credit. It includes everything I did to fix my credit and add 140 points to my FICO score. You'll also learn how your credit score works and what is holding you back from getting approved for lower rates on loans.

  • Five factors used to calculate your credit score, which you can control and what to do about the others
  • The six steps I took to fix my credit score, including some that start increasing your score immediately
  • How to get negative remarks taken off your credit report, even if you miss a payment
  • Five bonus steps I use to keep my credit healthy and protect my identity
  • One more bonus trick on paying off debt to save on interest and stay motivated on your path to financial freedom!

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