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How Do Credit Cards Work? [and Traps to Avoid]

Understanding how credit cards work and some of the most common debt traps will help you get the most of your plastic I’m usually a debt agnostic on the blog. Far from preaching the debt-free lifestyle, I believe debt is a tool and can be used to build something if used responsibly. But there is […]

What Should You Pay with a Credit Card?

Should you pay your mortgage or rent with a credit card? How about other expenses or should you use credit cards at all? Are credit cards weapons of financial destruction or tools to make your life easier? How can you get the most out of your credit cards and should you even use them at […]

10 Mistakes that Destroy Your Credit Score

Destroy your credit score and you’ll be locked out of the lowest rates in history. Here’s how to avoid ruining your credit. We’re quite a bit more relaxed about debt here at PeerFinance101 than most personal finance blogs. We see debt as a financial tool rather than a burden, helping you to get the education, […]