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Using a Personal Finance Education to Help Others

Learning about personal finances and getting a financial education is only part of our lives. Learn to share what you learn with the community. We’ve talked a lot about getting a financial education and how to lead a financially healthy life in these scholarship essays but there’s one last goal to keep in mind. Just […]

Turning a Job into a Personal Finance Education

Parents can’t always teach their kids the best money lessons. Find a job or other resource that will provide your personal finance education. Parents aren’t always the best role models for a personal finance education. Even the most frugal and financially responsible back-track every once in a while. It’s important for kids to have other […]

How I Discovered that ANYONE can Start Investing

My parents taught me about saving and budgeting from an early age but it wasn’t until much later that I learned the power of compounding and that anyone can start investing. I’ve been working on getting today’s post for months. I’ve followed Miranda Marquit’s blog for quite a while and love the blog as a […]