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How to Turn the Penny Challenge into $2,500

Use a new twist on the penny challenge for one of the best savings challenges around and grow a small amount to thousands I love savings challenges and there are few as popular as the penny challenge. It sounds so easy. Just saving your pennies every day can add up to hundreds of dollars a […]

My $77,500 Reasons You Really Need a Budget

How a budget turned my financial life around and why everyone needs a budget. Many things in life are optional; a budget isn’t. Not having a budget is like planning a vacation and getting in your car but not knowing where you’re going. You’ll drive aimlessly for hours and ultimately run out of gas by […]

Stop Saving! Don’t save another penny until you’ve read this?

Stop sacrificing and saving money until you have a clear vision and all the motivation you need to reach financial goals. This post is a PeerStory from reader Doug Pearson out of New York. Doug wrote in after reading about my first money blunder and how my failure to set realistic financial goals caused me […]

Free Budgeting Worksheet Sample – Download Here

Use this free budgeting worksheet sample to get you started on saving money and your own financial freedom Budgeting sucks! There I said it. We were all thinking it anyway. Everyone knows they need a budget but few actually take the time to put together a real budget and see where their money is going. […]