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What are Assets and How Do They Make You Rich?

What are assets and how can they make you rich? I’ve been an investment analyst for more than a decade and in investing, a company’s assets are a big part of how much the stock is worth. Assets are what the company owns and help make sales. But assets are just as important in personal […]

The Secret to How the Rich Stay Rich

A recent survey of more than 2,000 people with an average wealth of $7.6 million across 17 countries reveals interesting detail on how the rich stay rich. Like most people in the stock market, I’ve always looked to stocks and investing as the way to build wealth. You work hard, sacrifice to invest your money […]

How Building Wealth is like Weight Loss

Building wealth doesn’t have to be a complicated process but you’ll need self discipline and a plan to meet your financial goals I’ve always had a good metabolism and never found it too difficult to keep in shape. Even after the constant exercise routine in the Marine Corps, I never had a weight problem and […]