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How My Grandparents Taught Me about Money

Grandparents can take an active role teaching kids about money and personal finance The essay topic for our annual personal finance scholarship is ‘How my parents taught me about personal finance’ but that doesn’t mean we only learn about money from our parents. Through the essays, I’ve seen hundreds of stories about how kids are […]

How Saving Half My Paychecks is Paying for College

One reader shares how her parents taught her to save half her paycheck and how it became a life-long financial lesson Behind all the personal finance tips and tricks, all the articles about achieving your financial goals, is one concept… Saving. The idea of spending less than you make and putting some away is the […]

Learning Personal Finance without Realizing It

Don’t miss the personal finance lessons that come when you least expect it We learn constantly from our parents, even when we don’t know we’re learning. Understanding the concept behind the personal finance lessons when they come will go a long way to financial freedom when you know the vocabulary to go with it. Today’s […]

What My Parents and Ice Cream Taught Me about Budgeting

How one college student learned saving and budgeting from a very early age We learn our financial habits at a very young age and it’s important for parents to make saving and budgeting a part of their children’s education. They may not always be able to budget as well as you like but the seeds […]