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Necessity and the Mother of Personal Finance

One reader shares how a her single-mother taught her about bills, coupons and good credit habits Sometimes it’s the most difficult events in our lives that force us to learn the best personal finance lessons. More than four in ten marriages end in divorce, forcing families to find savings where they can and live on […]

How My Grandparents Taught Me about Money

Grandparents can take an active role teaching kids about money and personal finance The essay topic for our annual personal finance scholarship is ‘How my parents taught me about personal finance’ but that doesn’t mean we only learn about money from our parents. Through the essays, I’ve seen hundreds of stories about how kids are […]

The Personal Finance Lessons Kids Learn When You’re Not Looking

Kids are imitation machines and will learn your personal finance habits by example. What are you teaching them? I’m always amazed at what our son will say and do after watching us. For better or worse, kids learn from their parents and that goes for personal finance habits. It’s a hard lesson for some but […]

Living the Three Money Rules

How learning three money rules taught one student how to graduate debt-free We cover a lot of money lessons here on the blog but sometimes you come across something so simple that it changes how you think about money. Beyond all the rules of thumb, money calculators and ways to manage your finances be sure […]