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How to Retire Early and Why it Won’t Matter

Early retirement might not mean what you think. Follow these steps to retire early and find your financial freedom Six months after taking my first job as a corporate accountant, all I could think about was how to retire early and ditch the 9-to-5 rat race. It’s that way for a lot of people, strategies […]

Will you be Ready for Retirement (infographic)

Being ready for retirement means staying on track with your savings I love the Ready for Retirement infographic below from Money Crashers. The graphic shows how much you should have in your retirement accounts at certain ages to be on track for $800,000 in savings when you reach 65, assuming an 8% annual return. The […]

Ready-Made Retirement Stock Portfolio for Millennials

This retirement stock portfolio is custom-made for millennials and anyone with decades left to invest I look at a lot of retirement stock portfolios of millennials and one thing is almost always missing. They’ve got plenty of stocks and some even have a little real estate to balance things out but almost nobody invests in […]

Warren Buffett’s Billion Dollar Winners and Losers

A look at the Warren Buffett portfolio of stocks provides some lessons for investing in 2016 Warren Buffett is credited with almost divine powers in picking stocks and his portfolio, holdings of the Berkshire Hathaway company, are followed by investors around the world. The Oracle of Omaha didn’t do so well in 2015 with some […]

Realistic Retirement Planning: Getting Your Sandy Beaches NOW

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be something that costs you a Sunday afternoon. Take a few minutes to work through your retirement needs and build a plan that will get you there. Retirement planning is a mystery for a lot of people. Nearly half (39%) of households admit to not having a formal plan. While […]

How to Invest an Emergency Fund for Safety and Return

Starting an emergency fund is one of the most difficult steps to financial freedom but one of the most important. Learn why you need an emergency fund and how to invest. Like any other insurance, emergency funds are something everyone knows they should have but few actually keep the right amount. The problem is that […]