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Avoiding the 3 Biggest Borrower Risks in P2P Lending

Understand the three most common borrower risks in p2p lending to get the most out of it. Lara Miller was on the verge of success after six years selling her original line of clothes through 17 retail outlets but her hope turned quickly to frustration in 2006. She had maxed out her credit cards and […]

Peer Lending 2015: Competition, IPOs and More Growth

After the explosive growth this year, it would be hard to say that the industry could grow even faster next year but there is a good chance that it may happen for peer lending 2015. Not only have two successful IPOs brought media attention and new capital to the space, a shifting rate environment and […]

Creative Financing with Linda Jenkins

Creative Financing: Tips and Tricks from Author Linda Jenkins Today’s post is an interview with Linda Jenkins, CEO of Gold Alliance Group, a consulting firm for small business owners and others seeking creative financing ideas. She holds a master’s degree in business with experience in architecture and recruiting. She just released the 2nd edition of […]

How Much is Lending Club Stock Worth?

Lending Club, the largest peer lending platform in America, will issue shares on the New York Stock Exchange soon and the pundits are sure to offer up all kinds of predictions on how much the shares will be worth. Use this infographic and your own analysis for how much you think the stock could fetch. […]

The Future of Peer to Peer Lending with Ron Suber, President of Prosper

The President of Prosper Marketplace talks Peer to Peer Lending and the Future of P2P Today’s post is the first part of an interview with Ron Suber, President of Prosper Marketplace. Ron joined Prosper in 2013 to develop and execute on the company’s business development strategy. He previously served as a Managing Director at Wells […]

Investment Diversification is a Double-edged Sword

An understanding of investment diversification can help you earn a high rate of return on your peer loans and minimize the amount of work you need to do in analysis. Look through any peer lending site for five minutes and you’ll probably see the word, “diversification,” at least ten times. As an investment analyst, the […]