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6 Steps to Make Your Financial Assets Work Harder in 2019

Six ways to make your money work just as hard as you do You work your ass off every day while your money just sits there. Why not make your money work just as hard as you do? I want you to make an early New Year’s resolution. Right now, resolve to make your financial […]

3 Personal Finance Myths and More

An interview with a personal finance blogger uncovers money challenges, successes and three personal finance myths Our PeerStory this week is from David Bakke, Editor at Money Crashers Personal Finance. David runs an excellent money blog with a broad range of advice from careers to real estate, small business and lifestyle. I talked to David […]

Father’s Day Fun: Best and Worst Financial Advice

Father’s Day offers a day of reflection and thanks for everything our dads taught us, including good and bad financial advice. Our fathers are role models for some of our best financial traits…as well as some of our worst. I thought it would be a fun Father’s Day experiment to reach out to a few […]

What to do when Facing a Personal Finance Do-Over

Jeff Curran shares his PeerStory and how he overcame a personal finance do-over when moving to a new city. Today’s PeerStory is from a former coworker at the State of Iowa. Jeff and I worked as Labor Market Research Economists helping to get the state’s workforce back on track after the financial meltdown. Jeff left […]

How Keep it Simple Made Me $22,000 in a Year

PeerFinance101 is about helping each other out with personal finances. From peer lending to sharing stories about managing debt, investing and anything related to meeting your financial goals. Every week, I am going to post the story of one of our readers. Read the PeerStories and you’ll see that your own personal finance challenges are […]

Creative Financing with Linda Jenkins

Creative Financing: Tips and Tricks from Author Linda Jenkins Today’s post is an interview with Linda Jenkins, CEO of Gold Alliance Group, a consulting firm for small business owners and others seeking creative financing ideas. She holds a master’s degree in business with experience in architecture and recruiting. She just released the 2nd edition of […]