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36 Expert Ideas on Teaching Kids Money Saving Tips

36 of the best bloggers in personal finance share their ideas on teaching kids money saving tips They say children are the future. If that’s true, my wife and I may have a hard road ahead. Our son is still learning the concept of sharing and he’s developed a habit of throwing a handful of […]

3 Tools to Teach Your Kids Practical Money Skills

Learning practical money skills starts with giving your kids the tools and showing them how to use them. Financial education is full of concepts and ideas that will help you be successful but most people just need some practical money skills to help them get out from under the paycheck-to-paycheck curse. These practical money lessons […]

3 Money Lessons My Parents Taught Me Growing Up

You don’t have to be perfect with your money to reach your money goals and financial freedom We’ve heard a lot of money lessons from the personal finance scholarship essays. Readers have shared some great money habits and ways to teach your kids financial responsibility. But with so much to teach about money and finances, […]

Turning the American Dream into Financial Independence

One reader shares how to turn hard work of our parents’ generation into financial independence and prosperity We talk about financial independence as a destination but often overlook the journey it takes to get there. The road to building long-term wealth and freedom isn’t an easy one and sometimes takes multiple generations. That’s why it’s […]

The Powerful Lesson My Parents Taught Me about Spending

One reader shares how learning good spending habits can make even the smallest incomes go farther I’ve been an investment analyst and financial planner for more than a decade. I’ve talked with people making less than $25,000 and others making more than $250,000 a year. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s not how much […]

5 Money Lessons My Mother Doesn’t Know She Taught Me

Your kids will learn about money and financial preparedness one way or the other Of the nearly 70 personal finance scholarship essays we’ve posted over the last two years, one theme has come up the most. Parents aren’t teaching their kids about money…but kids are learning anyway. Most parents don’t sit down to teach their […]