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Will you be Ready for Retirement (infographic)

Being ready for retirement means staying on track with your savings I love the Ready for Retirement infographic below from Money Crashers. The graphic shows how much you should have in your retirement accounts at certain ages to be on track for $800,000 in savings when you reach 65, assuming an 8% annual return. The […]

Realistic Retirement Planning: Getting Your Sandy Beaches NOW

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be something that costs you a Sunday afternoon. Take a few minutes to work through your retirement needs and build a plan that will get you there. Retirement planning is a mystery for a lot of people. Nearly half (39%) of households admit to not having a formal plan. While […]

PeerStory: Riding the Retirement Roller Coaster

PeerFinance101 is about helping each other out with personal finances. From peer lending to sharing stories about managing debt, investing and anything related to meeting your financial goals. Every week, I am going to post the story of one of our readers. Read the PeerStories and you’ll see that your own personal finance challenges are […]

Best Retirement Advice from the Experts

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be scary. Follow these tips and the best retirement advice from experts from around the web. Keeping with our retirement planning theme for the week, I thought I would survey three experts on their views. Planning for retirement can be tough, even more so than just general financial planning. Planning […]