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5 Ways to Find Free Money around the House

We all love finding free money and you won’t believe how fast these five ways add up

Many of us used to pick up a penny and put it in our shoe for good luck – not for the value of a penny. Most will pick up a quarter found on the ground as free money, and almost everyone will pick up a dollar or more found but it’s tough to get excited about the little amounts.

What if I could show you how to “find free money” around your home that you didn’t even know about? This isn’t like picking up pennies either. It’s surprisingly easy and there’s at least five ways to save upwards of $100 or more a month.

Finding Free Money in 5 Energy Savers

How warm is your home in the winter and how cool in the summer? Most people will say something like 70 degrees year round. By setting the thermostat at 65 degrees in the winter and 75 in the summer you will reduce your monthly energy bill by 10%-15% according to the Alliant Energy Program. You can purchase an automatic thermostat to do the work for you for as little as $25 or you can just have someone in charge of the thermostat.

Save Money on Home Energy Bill

Save Money on Home Energy Bill

We all know the filter in the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system needs changed every three months but how often does it actually get changed?

Changing the filter not only saves money on the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, they will run more efficiently and last longer. You can even get re-useable filters that you just hose off every three months and use again and again. That’s cheaper than replacing your HVAC system and worth at least a few hundred in free money a year.

People also don’t realize how much it costs leaving the toaster, coffee maker, food processor, and other appliances plugged in all day. It’s called “phantom energy” and just unplugging your appliances when not in use can save you 5 to 10 percent on your energy consumption.

If your electricity bill is about $150 a month, that’s upwards of $15 in free money for about one second of work.

It costs more than you think to heat your water every month. Most of us have our water heater set way too high at around 140 degrees.

By lowering the temperature to 120 degrees you can still have a hot shower, dishes will be clean and sterilized and you will be saving as much as $36 – $61 in free money every month. When you go on vacation, turn your hot water heater off and save even more!

All the little window leaks in your house add to a huge hole in your budget. Caulking around windows and door frames costs very little and takes almost no handyman skills. In winter months the clear plastic on your windows is the best free money you can find and easily installed.

On the outside of the house, insulate or use expanding foam around the wall where the cement or block contacts the wooden frame known as the rim joist. Caulk or use expanding foam around pipes that enter into the home.

Free Money Here and There adds up Big Time

When you add up the cumulative effect of just the small leaks in your home, it has the effect of leaving a window open all year long says the EPA. Adding up savings from all five of the free money energy savers above can save you hundreds a year.

ways find free money at homeDon’t stop with these ways to find free money at home, combine them with these Five Budget Tricks You Won’t Believe to really save some money and reach your financial goals.

As a bonus, look for the Energy Star label on any new appliances. Energy Star is a partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy that identifies energy efficient products.

They will label products on over 60 different kinds of items including lightbulbs, TV’s, clothes washers, refrigerators, furnaces, and fans. Moreover, many of the Energy Star-qualified products do not cost more than the conventional products. If they do, the EPA will not grant the Energy Star label unless its figures show you that you will recoup the extra outlay in five years or less.

These are all simple tasks that anyone can do to find free money around the house. It just takes a little patience to get used to a new style of living. While the tasks are simple, the payback is huge. Of course, it needs to be a family project or it will turn into a constant argument.

Sit down and take a look at your previous bills, usually a free service of the utility companies. After using these guidelines for three months check out the difference in your energy bill. Your only decision will then be to save the free money or go on vacation.

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